The Current Third Phase of the Project



1. Public relations (a TV-Documentation and TV-commercials):


At the moment all people dealing with the conflict in the Middle East just want to separate the fighting parties. The possibility that these parties could realize a common project is completely outside the range of imagination, even for the mediators. As I already said, there is no vision.


But, the vision is here already. And that makes the difference, even though it is only very few, who can see that yet.

A respectable presentation of the vision in the media of the countries taking part in the conflict in form of a TV-documentation can thrust the unimaginable right into the reach of feasibility – and by that raise the ability to talk to one another by a now completely unimaginable scale.


By seriously presenting the project, as in professionally done commercials for TV in Israel, Palestine and the adjacent countries, a basic change can be reached in the popular views of all parties involved of the nature of the conflict – and that way a unique chance for a unanimous solution will open up, that so far completely is outside the range even of imaginability and therefore completely is excluded from any thought.

The project is based on the insight that the solution of the problem cannot be reached by focussing on the problem, it can only be reached by focussing on the solution, on the miracle: a cooperative community. The project constructs the spiritual basis of the miracle and its very real superstructure.


To present these promotional films on TV would have an according effect even if the project in the end would not be realized at all or realized in a very different way.


The first goal of the current phase of the project therefore is not the realization of the project itself, but the construction of a basis of mutual trust by the help of this vision.



2. Talks between the three Abrahamitic religions:


Simultaneously the text on “the spiritual essence of the peace project” will become the basis for talks between the three Abrahamitic religions everywhere – even in the follow-ups of the first “Alexandria-declaration”.