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Peace for the People in the Holy Land

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The Holy Sites in Jerusalem between the Temple Mount (al-Haram ash-Sharif) and the Holy Sepulcher

How will the people in the Holy Land find peace?

Secular politics exclude essential religious motivations, and compassion is missing. This initiative, however, focuses, compassionately, on the symbolic heart of the conflict: the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Shall we not all breathe more easily once the attitudes of religious superiority tied to it have been replaced by empathy?

Muslims have their sanctuaries in Jerusalem; Christians have their sanctuary; only the central Jewish sanctuary, their Temple, is missing. The moment people allow this icon of Jewish wholeness to exist at least in their hearts and minds, the process of building true peace between the children of Abraham will have begun.

Empathy will make it possible. Empathy will create unity in diversity. And empathy is what all three religions are longing for.

This is why I appeal to all religious and political leaders to think and talk about the Temple Mount, calling for an opening of hearts and for open debate.

Gottfried Hutter, chairman of the “Temple Project Association”,



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