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Five steps towards true peace

Proposal for a joint declaration by leaders of the three religions based on Abraham


Peace in the Holy Land calls for reconciliation between Jews and Muslims. The founding of a non-Islamic State within a territory which the Muslim Umma regarded as its property, deeply offended the Umma. Before peace can come this humiliation must be overcome. Muslims can then show compassion and accept the new Jewish homeland in their midst.

Five steps to attain peace

1.               Leading Muslim scholars, the authors of the famous open letter “A Common Word”, originally sent to the Pope and other church leaders, could extend that letter to include Judaism and send it out again, this time to leading Rabbis.

2.               Thus prompted, “Israel” could decide to consider the origin of its name in the Torah and that name’s deep implications for today.

3.               In consequence, the Israeli government could reenact the biblical Israel’s gesture towards his brother Esau and express sorrow and deep empathy to the Muslim Umma for the insult felt by Muslims.

4.               If Israelis were to do that, an Egyptian Imam said, reconciliation between Muslims and Jews would be attained; then, Jews could be considered Muslims’ brothers and could share the use of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for Jewish rituals. – Thus “al-Haram ash-Sharif”, the Temple Mount, would become a symbol of peace.

5.               Then the Muslim Umma, too, could acknowledge the suffering, which their long fight against the new Jewish homeland had caused the Jews, and express empathy on their part.

These steps would bring about true and lasting peace and the influence of that peace would radiate throughout the world.


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