A Vision for Peace in the Middle East

Religion’s answer to “The Clash of Civilizations”





All initiatives for the Middle East are failing because there is no real vision - on neither side.

Therefore I want to introduce to you the project of a New Temple in Jerusalem - as a symbol of unity among the three religions of the area.

I hope very much that you will appreciate this project.


At the moment the idea may sound completely utopian, but in the process of realization it will prove itself to be the main motor of developing world peace.


My vision is like this:


As everyone knows the New Temple cannot be built on the location the old one was, because that space is already taken by Muslim sanctuaries.

Therefore, in my picture, a platform of the size needed by the New Temple will have to be built high above the area, maybe three hundred meters above the Dome of the Rock. The Dome of the Rock architecturally will have to be mirrored above, and exactly the space of the mirror image will have to be used as the new Inner Sanctum of the New Temple, because that spot is witness to the origin of all three religions in the surrender of Abraham. That’s why it also was the exact location of the ascension of the prophet Mohammed to the heavens and therefore it is sacred to the Muslims. So that architectural part would be a manifestation and official recognition of Islam as a religion according to the will of god. For that reason that part of the construction would have to be designed by an Islamic architect – maybe according to the traditional image found on most Islamic praying carpets of “the lamp in the niche”.

On the ground that space is taken by the Dome of The Rock which is a very atypical mosque, because it is a memorial site and its architecture not accidentally is following the model of the Holy Sepulcher, which at the same time is the church of resurrection. And so the Christians will also be present in that inner sanctum. They will be the axis, just as they picture Christ to be the axis of the world.

The rest of the conception of the New Temple on this “flying carpet” of course would be a purely Jewish concern. They might use the measurements of the Temple of Salomon – with the exception of the position and the outer design of the inner sanctum. That will be the Jewish tribute towards the unity of all religions and toward fulfilling their new role as Gods Own People, their tribute to the world and to the times.

The Christians will pay their tribute by recognizing Islam and Judaism as equally valid. And also the Muslims will pay their tribute by recognizing, that the Christian or the Jewish way are in no respect less valid than the Islamic way.

And all three of them will pay one further tribute by recognizing the fact, that the dialogue of god with his creation never has been perfected by any revelation of the past; it still is present and will continue through all times; and that dialogue always will be the essence of all religion.



Model-pictures, showing that platform for the New Temple integrated in the landscape of Jerusalem, you’ll find here.




To my person:

Born in Austria 1944, I am a Catholic theologian and psychotherapist, have lived in the US more than four years, and in Egypt nearly one year; I know all the major religions quite well through personal experience of their practices; from working in psychiatry I also know very well the possibilities of getting caught in any kind of mental trap – as I see all of the Middle East parties being trapped in a confrontation with no vision nor any access to a higher perspective. The spirit of our times provides the vision – I just presented it.